Grade 9 Referee Recertification Requirements
Registration Fee Complete online ($65.00)
A $10 late fee is assessed after December 31
Training Complete Grade 9 Referee Course
Laws of the Game Test Pass the Grade 9 Referee Test (80%)
Practical Evaluation Not Applicable
Fitness Test Not Applicable
Step 1. Online Payment

You are required to use ArbiterSports to complete the online payment for the current year. You can access the ArbiterSports website at Follow the directions on that website.

Step 2. Training

You are required to complete training every year based on your current grade. Once you have registered and paid on the ArbiterSports website, you proceed to Eligibility and view the online videos. Warning! Viewing the videos on the U.S. Soccer website cannot be accepted.

Step 3. Laws of the Game Test

You are required to take the current year exam appropriate to your referee grade and receive a passing score (see table above). The test is available under Eligibility. You have up to three (3) tries to pass the test. If a passing score is not obtained, you will be required to attend a special training class before your registration will be processed.

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