The purpose of this course is the prepare officials for the small sided and recreational youth game and is intended as a review of the Laws of the Game for Adults who only want to work recreational matches and/or youths who want to enter refereeing at a lower level of intensity. Graduates who complete the course and pass the exam are eligible to work small sided and recreational matches.

Grade 9 Referee Certification Requirements
Age Minimum 14 years old
Previous Game Experience None
Previous Grade Experience None
Training Complete Grade 9 Referee Course (Classroom)
Laws of the Game Test Pass the Grade 9 Referee Test (80%)
Fitness Test Not Applicable
Practical Evaluation Not Applicable

The Grade 9 Referee Course is an 8-hour class. The course fee is $70.00 and includes US Soccer registration. Please plan on attending the entire course, regardless of other commitments. Those leaving may have to make up the time at another course at an additional expense.

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