• Be a current registered grassroots referee or higher in the state of Nevada for two consecutive years.
  • Take the assignor class in the State of Nevada
  • Meet with the SRC to discuss why you wish to become an assignor.
  • Pay a fee of $50.00
  • Assignors must assign at least 10 USSF sanctioned games per year to remain an assignor.
  • Meet all USSF requirements for Assigning
  • Out of state Assignors wishing to assign in the State of Nevada MUST get written permission from the SRA in the assignor’s home state and written permission from the SRA of Nevada.
  • The appointment is for one (1) year and must renewed with permission of the State of Nevada Referee Committee
  • The assignor should not officiate any competition where they also serve as an assignor (unless in an emergency).
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